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Leaflet for LIQUIFiX Glycine (in CZ) can be downoladed here.


Ecocert logoLIQUIFiX® products are certified by ECOCERT Group, they can be used in organic farming - list of certified products can be downloaded here.



Donau sojaAgrinova Consulting s.r.o. is a member of Donau Soja Association. The Donau Soja Association is a non-profit, independent organization and one of Europe’s most significant initiatives in the agricultural sector. We link civil society, politics and important businesses from all sections of the value added chain, ranging from non-GM seed production to food of animal and vegetable origin. Donau Soja already incorporates more than 270 members from all over Europe. Our goal is to build up a sustainable European soya production, processing and usage along the Danube area and in whole Europe to promote an improved ecology of the farming system, rural development and poverty reduction, to develop an internal European protein market and to provide consumers and users of soya with safe, non-gm soya products.

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