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LIQUIFiX® is a portfolio of legume liquid inoculants. It is the result of a long-term research and scientific activity and a high-quality expertise from Legume Technology, Ltd. since 2000.

Focusing on innovations addressing the current and future needs of high-quality seed inoculation of agronomists and farmers has resulted in an product offering a high added value and easy and reliable pre-sowing application.


FajfkaEasy pre-sowing application

The liquid form of inoculant offers many advantages over peat-based inoculants. The liquid inoculant easily adheres and covers the seed surface (dye can be added to the product to provide better optical control of the inoculant coverage), the inoculated seed is easily passed through the seeder without clogging it, so called sludge or wet inoculation methods are not required. The inoculant can be applied directly on the farm just before sowing, for example, in a seed drill hopper, in pickling equipment, etc. You can be sure that the seed is treated with really live and strong bacteria.


BakterieLive and vital bacteria

The high content of living and vital bacteria was tested by cytometric measurement by an independent and accredited laboratory. The stable liquid formulation ensures bacterial viability of up to two years in the original container at a storage temperature of up to 15 ° C.


KonverzeHigh conversion of air nitrogen (N)

Carefully selected and high performance bacterial strains contribute to high efficiency in the conversion of air nitrogen. Bacteria always come from a certified and accredited source. The quality of the bacterial strains is crucial for the efficiency of the conversion of nitrogen (N) and hence the protein content of the seeds.


Zive osivoSeeds with live and vital bacteria

Inoculation prior to sowing of legumes contributes significantly to ensure a sufficient amount of live and quality nodule bacteria at the time of sowing without the risk of loss during inadequate storage by the producer of the seed. Numerous practical experiences confirm the suitability and practical benefit of verifying the condition, strain type and the amount of live nodule bacteria on pre-inoculated seed. Repeating seed inoculation before sowing has an excellent effect on yield increase (t / ha) and protein content.


OchranaWithout the risk of contamination by undesirable organisms and fungi

The liquid formulation in a perfectly sealed and impermeable container prevents unwanted contamination with bacteria and possibly fungi which always reduce the efficacy of nodule bacteria starting from nodules formation and ending with the conversion of air nitrogen (N).


AseptickaManufactured and packaged in aseptic environment

The production conditions of the LIQUIFiX® inoculants meet the requirements for ensuring the aseptic standards of the pharmaceutical industry. The aseptic manufacturing environment is the foundation of the high quality, reliability and high performance of the LIQUIFiX® inoculants.



The LIQUIFIX® inoculants can be safely applied to already soaked legume seed. For more detailed information, contact your dealer or the staining manufacturer.


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